Barbero e Ferrari – Artisanal passamenterie in Novara

The artisanal passementerie Barbero e Ferrari was born in Sologno, a community inside Caltignaga municipality (NO) more than 50 years ago.

Today, both in Italy and outside national borders, it stills provide artisanal items such as:

  • ribbons
  • chords
  • tiebacks
  • curtain bows

We offer to national and international market well finished andhigh quality  products.

Our target is never changed: to offer quality, advantage and courtesy to our clients.

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Quality, advantage and courtesy: that’s what we offer to our clients.

Inspired Luxury Reinassence

Contemporary Italian Reinassance

Catalogue 2016


The artisanal passementerie Barbero e Ferrari is in Sologno, Caltignaga (NO), via Bellinzago 25.


+39 0321 652151